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Carol Archer Radio and wrote "What do you get when you cross top-tier musicianship and spotless production with a universally recognized song? You get a hit that's perfect for smooth jazz airplay on planet PPM: Mike Catalano feat. Bob James' outstanding "Beauty and the Beast" (Catman). A-list programmers are already interested in it, as well they should be. Unless I'm their mom (PDs', Catalano's or James', that is), I don't know why I feel so proud, but I do ... "

".. Another sophisticated stunner from Mike Catalano on the remix of "Right on Time" (Catman) .. "

Carol Archer, Radio and Records Magzine Online Edition August 15, 2008

“A Manhattan Affair is an all-star project that has defined the way smooth jazz should sound. Perfect for any mood or style, this disc was an instant hit on our station.”



March 2008 “Smooth as Silk”. It has an “easy-n-breezy” feel to it and listeners will feel comfortable with it across the board. Definitely a Smooth Jazz track that can’t be over-looked.

Steven Mikal Brown, Smooth Jazz 105.5 KJZN, Fresno

Ted Haciuk Cafe Jazz,Winnepeg Canada

Take Me Back To Rio - Mike Catalano: CD: A Manhattan Affair
Label: Catman Records
It's hard to say what is, but for 30-plus year veteran Mike Catalano, it's been one affair after another!! Catalano's latest project is a follow-up of sorts to his 1989 debut. Released only in Brazil and Japan, that album brought together many of the best musicians from both New York & Rio de Janeiro for A Rio Affair. Catalano then went on to compose for TV, for programs such as the hit series A Current Affair. Now as Catalano once again willingly succumbs to his dual passions for Manhattan music scene and the rhythms of Brazil the love story continues with A Manhattan Affair. Delivering a polished smooth jazz mix generously seasoned with Brazilian spice, A Manhattan Affair provides a pleasant summer sojourn and may well prove to be one of the more memorable musical excursions of the year. From that effort, we're featuring the fantastically flavoured Take Me Back to Rio!!

Site: Catalano/Catman

"Mike Catalano's aptly named "Smooth As Silk" (Catman) rests easily on the ear; no surprise, as pianist Catalano is backed by Chuck Loeb, Will Lee and Randy Brecker, among others" ...Carol Archer,


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Review From All

Mike Catalano, A Manhattan Affair by Matt Collar
A follow-up of sorts to his 1989 debut A Rio Affair, A Manhattan Affair features pianist/composer Mike Catalano performing his crisp and breezy smooth jazz that touches on melodic rock, lightly funky R&B and Bossa Nova. Joining Catalano here are not only his superb rhythm section of bassist Will Lee and drummer Peter Erskine, but also a bevy of name artists and longtime Catalano associates including guitarist Chuck Loeb, trumpeter Randy Brecker, keyboardist Bob James, bassist Nico Assumpcao and others. Fans of organic '70s fusion and contemporary pop should find much to enjoy here as Catalano delivers a sparkling afterglow version of "Beauty And The Beast", turns John Lennon's "Fool On The Hill" into a perfect soft-rock noir ballad and showcases vocalist Ivan Lins' deeply emotive vocals on the atmospheric Brazilian classic "Dindi". Similarly engaging are such catchy Catalano originals as the cinematic and danceable "Take Me Back To Rio", the smoky ballad "Lelena" and the driving Weather Report-esque "Moonlight In Baja". These are refreshing, often lushly arranged and endlessly melodic cuts that make the most of Catalano's tasteful keyboard chops.


"I've watched Mike Catalano's career blossom from his days of Brazilian roots-music into the full-fledgedjazz musician he is today. You can feel his inspiration as you listen to every nuance of his playing and writing. His music is sure to move anyone with heart & soul! "--WILL LEE, 2007

"Mike Catalano's music is a reflection of the man himself -- It
shines with sincerity, warmth and beauty. A Manhattan Affair will
take you to a beautiful place. You won't want to leave town!" Rob Mounsey 2007

"Mike Catalano is the only man I know who has an ongoing affair with 2 mistresses who lives without the fear that jealousy might separate him from his essential body parts... believe me it can happen..." Steve Dunleavy 2007 Excerpt from Liner notes of A Manhattan Affair CD Booklet




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