Welcome to the Catman Records Inc. Website, We're a new smooth jazz and TOTAL MUSIC record company out of New York City. Mike Catalano, A Manhattan Affair, is out, Now Smooth as Silk is #40 on the "Mediabase Smooh AC Chart" We'll also be licensing other CDS that fit our style of interest.

The company was founded by pianist composer, Mike Catalano in 2007 on the need to fill a void in the music business, particularly in the instrumental music business in New York City.

EXPERIENCE: Mike's 26 year background in the broadcast television business in the #1 market in New York, and composing music for national TV such as A Current Affair going from 1 station to being the #1 show in syndication, gave him an idea of what viewers want, he's hoping to translate that into the record business, of commercial smooth jazz and forge new relationships with the radio broadcasters of the world.

MISSION: In this constantly changing world of the music business, so many great Artists have gone independent. Sometimes they just dont have the time to deal with the new way of releasing things on the internet, or just dont have the time to deal with it at all. Thats where we're gonna be able to help.

MUSIC- We gonna try give a new meaning to the word smooth jazz, contemporary jazz, and we're hoping to do it with a New York edge! In New York there is an abundance of talent, but not an abundance of labels.

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Thanks all and stay tuned!